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American Gardener Yardstick Light Weed Wacker - Tool Reviews

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American Gardener Yardstick Light Weed Wacker  - 
Model: YS180
I bought an American Gardener Yardstick Light weed whacker (model YS180) at a hardware store for about $65. It is rechargeable and needs no electric cord to run. I like this tool because it is very light and seems to have a lot more power (18V) than other rechargeable weed whackers. The great thing about this tool is it recharges in only an hour and seems to hold a charge until I finish my whole lawn trimming, which is considerable.

It has a feature that shuts it down if it gets too hot. It does take a while to cool the battery down if it is hot.

This unit comes with prewound replacement spools at a cost of $5 each, although you can rewind the spool yourself. Iíll just buy the replacements; itís a lot easier to change. The spool locks into place quite easily and is easy to grip. My old weed whacker was an electric Weed Eater Model 1210. It was a pain to drag a long cord around the trees and replacing the cutting line was almost impossible; very hard to grip and turn, not to mention it had a very small spool that didnít last long.

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