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DeWalt 18V Cordless 5 Pack Set - Tool Review
Inlcudes: Hammerdrill/Drill, Jigsaw, Reciprocating Saw, Sawsall, Flashlight, 2 Battery Charges, Hard Plastic Carrying Case

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DeWalt 5 Pack Set  - 
This set consists of five 18V cordless tools and 2 chargers in a hard plastic carrying case. The tools included are a hammerdrill/drill, jigsaw, reciprocating saw, sawsall, and flashlight. I paid about $750 for the set.

The quality of DeWalt tools is excellent, and the convenience of the carrying case is great. When you have a job that is away from home, they are easily transported, and at home they are conveniently stored in the case. I find the power packs to hold a charge well, and each battery takes about 1 hour to charge. The power of the cordless tools is comparable to plug in tools.

Cordless drill/hammerdrill: The power of the drill is more than adequate. This model has a hammer feature, and I have found that sometimes when you have it on hammer and go to drill, it stays locked on hammer for a while. You have to tap it a few times and it will go to drill. The bits are easy to change.
Sawsall: I love this sawsall. The blade system works perfectly and allows you to get into tight spots.
Jigsaw: This is the only cordless product I would not buy again. This saw is equipped with a new device that locks in the blades instead of the old method of screwing them in. The blade locking system is frustrating to use. It just doesn’t lock in place as easily or quickly as they say. I personally liked the old screw in system, although once the lock system is in place, it works well. Another thing I don’t like about this saw is that the blades aren’t interchangeable with other brands of blades so you must buy the DeWalt brand. DeWalt does have an electric jigsaw with the old screw in blade system available.

Reciprocating Saw: This saw comes with a 6 ˝” blade which is much more efficient than older saws with a 5 ˝” blade. The larger blade allows you to cut through rough lumber much easier. It can rip through 2x4s at a 45 degree angle in one pass. This saw is small and very easy to use, and still maintains power.

Flashlight: Good power and adequate light.

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