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Install A Toilet

Screw in the closet bolts to the toilet flange. The bolts are placed on both sides of the flange to hold the toilet in place. The flange is the round ring supporting the drain of the toilet on the floor. If the closet bolts come with plastic washers, use them to help hold the bolts in place.

Place the wax ring on the toilet flange. Stretch the wax ring if needed so that it is touching the bolts. This will help keep them in place.

Gently place the toilet bowl over the closet bolts and onto the wax ring. Align the bowl’s tank holes with the closet bolts. Check to make sure the toilet is straight, and press down hard to seal it. Cap retaining washers should be included in the toilet bowl box. Place one over each bolt, making sure you have checked for “ this side up” . Next, put a metal washer from the bolt kit of the toilet on top of each retaining washer, and thread the nuts onto the bolts until you feel some resistance. It is very important that you don’t screw the bolts on too tight, or you may crack the porcelain of your toilet base. Press down on the toilet again with all your weight, and gently tighten the bolts again. Continue this process until the bolts are snug. It is a good idea to wait to cut the tops off the bolts until you have used the toilet for a few days. Recheck the bolts, tighten, and put on the decorative caps.

Unpack your water tank box, and install the spacer washers provided. Check your tank valves and nuts to make sure they are tight. Fit the large rubber spud gasket over the flush valve threads and onto the tank bolts. The spud gasket is the round rubber seal that ensures a tight dry fit between the toilet and the tank. Don’t forget to place the rubber washers on the bolts. Lubricate the water tank side of the washers with pipe joint compound before installing them. Next lubricate the rest of the washers and the spud gasket with the pipe joint compound. Set the water tank gently on to the deck of the toilet bowl. Level the tank. Screw a washer and nut on each tank bolt, alternately tightening them from side to side. Make sure the tank is level and be careful not to over tighten the nuts. Most floats and water tank valves are pre-assembled, but double check to make sure they are funtional.

Connecting the water supply line: Most toilets do not come with supply line. It is recommended to buy a flexible steel braided supply line close to the proper length needed. The supply line has nuts on either end for attachment. They are all pre-sized. The large end goes to the bottom of the tank; the small end to the top of the valve. Attach the nuts and turn on the water. Check for leaks. If the tank bolts are wet, tighten them slightly. Your tank should fill with water and be ready for use.

Tools & Materials
Toilet: Your toilet will come in 2 boxes. One box will contain the toilet bowl and the other will hold the toilet tank. Toilet seat, closet bolts to hold down the toilet, wax ring to place the toilet on and seal it, water supply tube. Adjustable wrenches, pipe joint compound, groove joint pliers.


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