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Fix A Leaky Faucet

First you need to know what type of faucet you have. Faucets come in four main types:
Compression Faucet: This is an old style faucet with 2 handles. Compression faucets contain a washer inside that closes off the water when it is screwed down and compressed against the seat.

Ball-Type Faucet: This handle handle rotates up and down regulating the water flow and temperature. A hollow stainless steel ball in the handle mixes the water when the faucet is turned on. Most kitchen faucets are ball type.

Cartridge Faucet: This faucet has a cartridge in the handle that moves up and down. Holes in the cartridge line up with the water supply permitting flow and temperature.

Ceramic Disk Faucet: The newer model faucet works similar to a ball-type and cartridge faucets. When you move the handle upward the upper disk in the cartridge slides across the lower disk allowing water into the chamber. Moving the lever from left to right will adjust the hot or cold water mixture.
Before You Start
Make sure the main water valve is turned off either near the base of the faucet or under the sink. Open all the lines to drain out any excess water. Cover the sink with a towel or cloth to stop any parts or tools from slipping down the drain. You may also want to cover any wrenches or pliers with tape or cloth to prevent any damage to the finish of your faucet. When you disassemble to faucet place the parts in order so they can easily be put back together. Last but not certainly least remember to take the faucet name or model number along with the old parts to the store so you can identify the correct replacement part or kit.


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