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Composting Tips

  • Be patient. If you want to speed things up, use smaller pieces of debris.
  • Leaves and grass tend to clump together when wet. Add them in small amounts at a time.
  • In warmer climates, your composter will continue to work, but at a slower rate than in the summer. In colder climates, remember to place it where you can get at it, and keep adding materials to it all winter.
  • If your pile is not heating up: you need more water or nitrogen. Turn the pile, moisten it, and add leaves and grass or manure.
  • If your pile smells bad, there is either not enough air circulating or it is too wet. Add nitrogen rich material like grass, leaves, or manure and turn it to circulate air.
  • If your pile is too soggy, you have too much wet material in it. Turn the pile and mix in some dry materials; then turn again to allow air to circulate.


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