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Starting A Composting Bin

Build a 6-12 layer of your waste material. Cover each successive layer with a few inches of regular garden soil. This contains microorganisms that will accelerate the process and also helps to mask any odors that occur. You may also use fertilizer or an inoculant, which can be bought in your home and garden center. This has bacteria and enzymes to speed up the process.

Water your pile until is it moist.

Turn the pile once a week to mix all the materials evenly and expose them to air.

Continue to add material as you go along. Always remember to cover new material with a layer of soil and to keep the pile moist.

If conditions are right, your compost pile will begin to heat up, eventually reaching an internal temp of 60-70 degrees C. The pile will actually feel hot to the touch. As the chemical process slows, the pile will cool to about 40 to 45 degrees C. The finished product will be a dark, rich, soil-like substance with an earthy smell.

Bin Ideas
  • A wire mesh bin with a hinged front panel.
  • A three-sided cement block bin with an open front that will easily allow you to turn the pile and remove the compost.
  • A circular unit made from chicken wire or snow fencing with an access door.
  • A wooden pallet or 2x4 box with a lid and spaces for ventilation.
  • A metal barrel or garbage can with holes punched in the side and the bottom removed.


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