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Composting is an easy and environmentally friendly way to recycle grass clippings, leaves, table scraps, weeds, rotten vegetables, and sawdust into useable soil or mulch. This soil is excellent for adding to your potted plants in your home or enriching your garden soil. Itís a great way to reduce your garbage bill and the unnecessary filling of landfills. Today the use of composting to turn organic wastes into valuable resources has expanded due to environmental awareness.

Composting works by simple decomposition. In nature, organic wastes are broken down through a combination of biological and chemical processes. Worms, insects, fungi, and bacteria chew up the materials, which are then transformed by exposure to air and water.
For successful composting, you need:
1. The right amount of water and air to keep the chemical process functioning. Place your bin where you have access to water.
2. The right temperature. Composting produces its own heat, so find a shady place with partial sun to make your pile. You should also have good drainage in the area.
3. The right C:N ratio: This is the proportion of carbon to nitrogen in your compost unit. This ratio will affect the speed of decomposition. Ideally, your C:N ration should be 30 to 1. Sawdust, dry leaves, straw, and wood chips are high in carbon. This should compose most of your pile. Grass clippings, plant trimmings, and kitchen scraps are high in nitrogen and should be added to your pile. A mixture of kitchen and yard waste should give you close to the ideal ratio. Remember you cannot put whole tree branches into your pile, but you can grind them up in a chipper.
4. The right container. You can buy a compost bin or make your own. The essential features in a compost bin are a lid that protects the pile from rain or snow and lets you control how much moisture enters the bin, holes or vents for air circulation, and a way to remove the final product.


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