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Sidewalk Ideas

There are a variety of different materials to use in making your sidewalk functional and appealing. Think about the look you want, and keep in mind the cost of materials for your budget.

Patio Blocks: This is probably the cheapest method in which to build a sidewalk, and you can easily do this yourself. You will have to have a level surface with a sandy base. Use a light deflecting material beneath the blocks to prevent weeds from growing between them.

Pavers are more expensive, but will definitely give you a richer look than patio block. Pavers now come in a variety of colors and styles to fit any look you are interested in. You can install pavers yourself, see our article on installation.

Concrete is a little work to install yourself, but it provides a smooth surface for handicapped accessibility and shoveling or sweeping. Concrete can be stained or imprinted with shapes. You will need to make forms in which to pour the concrete. These forms are made of long pieces of 2x4s supported by stakes. To figure out how much cement you will need, use the following formula: For a 4 deep slab, divide the total square feet of your sidewalk by 81 for the number of yards of cement you will need to order.

Stepping stones can be used with crushed rock to make a scenic walkway through a garden.

Slate or stones can also be used for a rich or rustic look. This will cost quite a lot to install, but the finished look is great.

Brick or Cobblestone is also a great choice for a cozy sidewalk, and you can install them yourself, just as you would a paver sidewalk.

Wood planks can also be used as a sidewalk. Many people will used a raised wood sidewalk to go over wet or muddy areas. This sidewalk must be made out of treated wood and will not last as long as any cement products, but it can be removed for storage over the winter.


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