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Landscaping can dramatically change the appearance of your home, and give it that cozy curb appeal that will satisfy you as the owner, or make that sale if you are the seller. Your personality can come out in your landscaping, whether you want a formal look, or a homey welcome feel to your home.

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Non Toxic Lawn Fertilizer - Fertilizer and pesticides are not healthy for children and pets to play upon. You can have a healthy lawn without the use of chemicals by following a few simple tips. Garden Pond - Garden ponds have become increasingly popular to homeowners wanting to add a sense of beauty and serenity to their yard. Ponds also expand your planting options and attract diverse wildlife.
Retaining Walls - Retaining walls offer a visual interest to your landscape and often are used to prevent areas of erosion on hillsides. If you have a flat yard, you need only build a landscape wall for your bedded plants and flowers. Sidewalk Ideas
There are a variety of different materials to use in making your sidewalk functional and appealing. Think about the look you want, and keep in mind the cost of materials for your budget.

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Landscape For Wildlife
Do you want to attract an abundance of wildlife into your back yard? Try these tips to bring mother nature to you.
1. Limit the size of your lawn, the less open space the better.
2. Add many layers of plant life.
3. Provide as much cover as possible, brush piles and thick vegetation work the best.
4. Provide water.
5. Use native trees and other vegetation.
6. Provide feeders.
7. Remove all exotic and invasive plants.
8. Manage your pets.
9. Reduce pesticides.
10. Expand this habitat as much as possible.

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