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Planning Your Flower Garden

The location of your garden will determine what types of plants you will sow. Take note if the area gets full or partial sun, or if it remains shady throughout the day. Most nurseries will label plants with full sun to full shade tags, which will enable you to select the proper plant for your environment. Check to see which planting zone you live in, as this is a huge factor in what plants will grow in your area.

You should draw out a simple plan on paper, with colors and plant sizes arranged in order for height, the tallest placed in the rear of the garden.
Most gardens use repetition and symmetry to their advantage, but you can also break up your plan or use a focal point to highlight a certain area or plant.

Whether you garden is large or small, use a variety of plants to mix the colors and sizes to add visual interest. Even the smallest garden should have at least one larger plant as a focal point.

Use color to your advantage. If you want a serene environment, pastel colors mixed with blue are calming to the eye. Conversely, bright colors such as reds, oranges, and yellows add pizzazz to an otherwise boring spot.

Consider the lay of the land. Sloping areas can be terraced and cascading plants can be used to soften the look. A flat area can use different sized plants and bushes to make it more interesting. Large rocks can be added as a focal point with plants softening the harshness of the stone.

Start out simple and add to your garden as the years go by. Keep in mind when planting the eventual size of the plant. You may want to plant annual flowers to fill in empty spots until the perennial plants grow to their full size, then add lilies or other perennial flowers after the garden has matured a bit. You will be surprised just how big hostas or shrubs can get.


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