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Container Gardening

 A great way to plant annuals if you have limited space is to use pots or other containers. You can have a beautiful garden in the city with a little imagination and a few well placed containers. Even a small apartment deck can be improved upon with a few colorful flowers.

Containers can be anything from the standard clay pots to a coal hood or whiskey barren. Just make sure they have a drainage hole or your plant roots will become soggy. Do not use too small a pot, as all plants need plenty of soil to grow and flourish.

As with any annual garden, you can mix a variety of flowers or use a single variety in mass effect. Remember to check your info card sold with the annual to see if it is a sun or shade loving plant, and choose accordingly.

The great thing about containers is they can be moved around to sun or shade.
Select your pot and place a coffee filter or flat rock over the drainage hole of the container. Add a few small rocks for filtration and fill the rest of the pot with potting soil. Loosen the roots of your plant and place it in the container, covering the root base with soil.

Be sure and water your plant daily, as containers do not retain moisture as well as garden beds. Remove dead flower blooms to encourage new growth and fertilize every 10 to 14 days.


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