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Annual Flowers

Annuals are plants that germinate, grow, and die in a single season. If you buy your annuals in a nursery, they are generally ready to bloom and you will have a colorful garden in no time at all.

There are many approaches to laying out your annual garden. You can plant a mass of the same kind and color in clumps or a stripe effect. A kaleidoscope of different colors and textures will add a homey English garden look to your yard. You may also use the mass effect by planting the same color, but using many different varieties of color with different shapes, textures, and heights.

Keep in mind the scale of your garden. If your garden is small, you may want to use a few large flowers in the back, gradually reducing the height and breadth of the flowers as you plant to the front. Keep in mind, miniature flowers are used most effectively as a border or filler in a small spot. Using miniatures on a large scale can be completely lost. Experiment with a new plant every year, until you find your favorites. The great thing about annuals is there are no permanent mistakes.

Annuals are usually sold least expensively in 6 or 4 pack cells. Be sure you wait until there is no chance of frost before you plant them. The soil of your garden bed should be loose and moist to accept your flowers. Dig a little hole about twice the size of your root ball. Check the roots of your plant to make sure they are not too compact or root bound. It is a good idea to gently break apart the compacted roots or cut them slightly with a knife. Place the plant just a little lower in the soil than they were in the container.
Cover with loose soil and water.


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