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Remove Wallpaper

Tools: Spray bottle, dish soap, liquid fabric softener, putty knife, drop cloth.

Removing old wallpaper can be a tiresome job, but you can use some tricks to help you out. Hopefully, the previous homeowners used sizing before they installed the wallpaper. If this is the case, the wallpaper should simply peel off the wall. If you are not so lucky, you will have to use other methods of removal.

Most wallpaper will come off in two layers. The top layer will peel right off the wall, leaving the paper backing behind. This is the layer with the glue and will take some work to remove. Take a spray bottle and fill it with hot water and a little dish soap. Spray the wall in a fairly large section, say about 4x8’ and allow the solution to soak in. Take a putty knife and gently scrape off the paper backing. If it won’t come off, saturate the wall again with the soap and hot water solution. You can also try adding a little liquid fabric softener to the mix.

If the wallpaper is still difficult to remove, you may have to buy professional wallpaper stripper.

Some wallpaper may have a vinyl coating that is difficult to penetrate with a water spray. If this is the case, you may have to score the paper in a crisscross pattern with a scoring tool to open up areas for the water to penetrate.

After the wallpaper has been removed, wash the entire wall with hot soapy water to remove the remaining glue.


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