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Faux Painting Technique

Faux painting is a relatively easy technique you can do yourself.  It uses a base coat with glaze colors applied over it. Your base coat may be your existing wall color, or you may choose to apply a new base coat. If you use your existing wall color as a base, it must have an eggshell, satin, or semi-gloss sheen.

The glaze cover may be applied with a rag or sponge, and may be ragged on or ragged off. A ragged on coat simply means you apply the color with a rag. A ragged off coat entails painting a coat of paint over your base color and ragging some of it off while it is still wet.  A ragged on technique will give you a more marbled appearance, while a ragged off technique will be muted, somewhat like suede. The same technique is used for sponging on and off.  Sponged walls that are sponged on will look more mottled, while sponging a glaze coat off will look muted.

You can buy glaze colors from your local paint or home store or you can make a glaze yourself.  Your home store will have various color combinations you can see in the store, so if you arenít sure of the color you want, this is the best approach to take.  You can make your own glaze by mixing one quart latex paint to 1 Ĺ quarts water, and 1 cup water based polyurethane to 1 gallon mix.   You may add more water if you want a more transparent look to our walls. The hardest part of faux painting techniques is choosing your color combinations, but most stores will help you with your choices and have a variety of colors to choose from. Remember it is only paint and can be easily changed. Experiment with colors before you buy a large amount. If you canít find what you want at your home store, an easy way to make choices is to go to your craft store and buy the 1 or 2 ounce bottles of latex craft paint.  Mix in 1 Ĺ ounces water to 1 ounce of paint and experiment. The paint store can color match your choices.



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