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Kitchen Space Saving Tips

If your kitchen is tiny, there are many inexpensive things you can do to make more space. Consider your needs first, then your wants.

You need a workspace to prepare food. To free up space on the counter or table, utilize any wall space you have. Open shelving is great for storing dishes and very inexpensive. Hanging wire baskets will store fruits and vegetables. If you have any open wall, make it into a floor to ceiling 12Ē deep pantry with shelving and inexpensive closet doors. A curtain will also work to hide the clutter An out of the way closet makes a great pantry for bulk items or seldom used kitchenware. Buy adjustable shelves and hang them right in the closet.

An island is a great workspace, but if you donít have room to build one, buy a rolling kitchen cart. This will allow you to keep it in the center of your kitchen, or roll it to the side when you donít need it. You can use this for food prep or as a buffet table for entertaining. Many carts now have pull out counters and racks for hanging needed items.

Hang pots and pans on a rack to save space. Two decorative wall hangers with a heavy metal rack will work just fine, but be sure your hangers are sturdy enough to support the weight of the pots. When hanging from the wall or ceiling, you must use the wall studs as support. Do not use nails, they will eventually work free.

Under the sink storage can be utilized with inexpensive stackable shelving. Hang a small towel rack on the door under the sink for your dish towels. Wire shelves can be screwed into the inside of your cabinet for cleaning items.

Stemware can be stored under your upper cupboards. You can use simple wooden strips with a ĹĒ spacer under the cabinets. Space the strips 2Ē apart and slide the base of the stemware into the strips so the glasses are hanging upside down.

Any container can be used on your counter to store wooden spoons, spatulas, etc. You can use anything from a pitcher to a flower pot for this purpose. A coffee can painted or wallpapered will work just as well.

Cluttered cabinets can be eliminated using step shelves. This allows you to see every item without digging around. You can buy a full circle Lazy Susan to utilize corner space. They are available in most home stores.

A great space to display decorative items or kitchen items that are seldom used is above a doorway. Install a shelf over the doorway or across the entire wall.

Never underestimate the power of organization. Clear plastic containers are stackable and allow you to see whatís inside. These items can use every available space without waste. I often use these containers without the covers in my drawers to organize them.

Spices can take up a lot of room in your cupboards. I used the space between the upper and lower cabinets to make a 4Ē deep spice cabinet with 2 small shelves. I had a door made to match my cabinets, but you could use a small flat piece of wood the same as your cabinet wood and stain in to match. It doesnít take up much of my counter space, and the spices are easy to find.

A built in bench with a cover is a great place to store hats, mittens, and extra shoes. It can also be used for your kitchen linens. Utilize corner spaces with built ins for extra storage that wonít take up a lot of room, or go to your department store and look for corner cabinets.

Most importantly, get rid of any items you donít need. How many Cool Whip containers do you actually need to store? That large kettle you use once or twice a year can be put in your closet and used to store something in it until you need it. Go through your cupboards at least once a year for expired items. If youíre saving that 5 year old box of pancake mix for company, throw it out and buy fresh bagels instead. Youíll thank me when you donít have to do the dishes.


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