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Garage Organization & Tips

Most of us use our garage as a catch-all for both usable and unwanted items. As a result, it can look like a flea market instead of an organized work and storage space; but there are some tips to help you turn it into an area you will love.

Work Bench: Every garage needs one. The best workbenches are heavy duty with shelves of storage underneath and room to work on top. Mount a vise on one corner to help with your building projects. If you are short on space, try a fold down workbench to save room. A board for hanging all your small tools should be mounted on the back wall of your workbench. It can be specially made for this purpose, or you can use a ¾” piece of plywood and use strategic nails and hooks to hang screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, etc. Most hardware stores also sell storage shelving for tools. To save all your nails and screws, use old glass or plastic jars with the lids nailed into a mounted board. You can easily unscrew the jar and it is off the workspace area. Another great storage idea for screws and bolts is to use old library card filing cabinets. They are heavy duty and great organizers.

If your garage has a high ceiling, placing plywood across the beams to store things up above can create an abundance of space below. Also use the beams to store long pieces of lumber or piping.

Shelves hanging down from beams can be great storage for smaller items and work great for storing winter boots. A shelf mounted about 1 foot below the level of the ceiling is great for paints and odds and ends. Putting storage bins with wheels works great under stairs, or use the space to put a bulky item that takes up a lot of space.

Old kitchen cupboards and drawers make excellent storage. Watch your newspaper’s want ads, you may be surprised how cheap you can pick them up for.
Large nails or brackets will work great for getting shovels and rakes off the floor.

Other Garage Tips
If your car leaks, place an oil pan or a piece of cardboard to absorb the spill. Dark stains are usually grease, clear oily stains are brake fluid, and red stains are usually transmission fluid. To get rid of oil stains on your cement, pour a can of Coke and sprinkle baking soda on the stain. Let it sit for ½ an hour and scrub with Dawn dishwashing detergent.

Set a mirror up in the front of your garage so you know when your headlights burn out.
If you have support poles separating the stalls of your garage, line them with carpeting or foam to protect your doors when you open them.

Take the time to install a telephone in your garage if you plan on spending a lot of time there, it will save you countless steps.

Screens are available for large garage doors and work great to keep the bugs out and let the air in. We use ours whenever we have a party to keep the food cool and away from the bugs.


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Garage Safety Tips
Many serious accidents occur in your garage, try and follow these tips to avoid as many as possible.

1. Always install a carbon monoxide and fire detectors in your garage.
2. Keep a fire extinguisher close by.
3. Watch for rusted or worn out springs on your garage door.
4. Check to see that your electric garage door opener has some sort of motion detector or other safety release mechanism.
5. Clean up all oil or other fluids to avoid a slippery situation.
6. Keep all chemical or poisonous products locked up away from children.
7. A clean garage is a safe garage.
8. Try not to overfill any storage shelves, items can and will fall.
9. Keep a first aid kit near by to bandage up any minor wounds.
10. Throw away all your old junk, its just something extra to trip on or have fall on you.

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