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Cleaning & Maintenance of Your Wood Flooring

Caring for your Wood Floors
Wood flooring is among the easiest to care for of any floors. The surface is smooth and does not attract dirt like some tile or most vinyl flooring. It also does not show spots like some laminates.

Wood flooring can be swept, dust mopped or vacuumed. Most manufacturers suggest dust mopping or vacuuming your floors for a quick clean up. Be sure your vacuum is put on the hard flooring position to avoid scratching with the vacuum brush.
To clean your wood floors, you need very little liquid. You can use a white vinegar and water solution: 2 parts vinegar to 8 parts water. This is a great eco friendly solution and inexpensive too. Mix the solution and put it in a spray bottle and just spray the floor and mop it up. (Be sure you have vacuumed up all the sand from your floor before mopping). You can also just put the solution into a pail, and use a rag, but be sure to wring the rag free of most of the solution as you donít want it dripping wet.


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