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Streak Free Windows - Window Cleaning

I am somewhat of a clean freak and one of the things that drives me crazy is when I spend hours cleaning my outside windows and they are full of streaks when the sun shines on them. I have tried everything, and I found the best and EASIEST way to clean my outside windows is with a simple squeegee and a Dawn dishwashing liquid and water mixture.

When I first tried the squeegee, I had bought a cheapo with a sponge and netting on one side and the rubber on the other. When that worked, I thought, “How much better a designer squeegee made especially for windows would be?” I went out and got one that had sheepskin for washing and a double tipped rubber edge. Save your money and stick with the cheap one. The expensive squeegee’s rubber edge was not deep enough and it kept missing areas. I also thought the sponge and netting did a better cleaning job than the sheepskin.

I use a plastic caddy made for tools or cleaning supplies that has two compartments for my solution. I fill each side with hot water and a few drops of Dawn. I use one side for my squeegee and in the other side I place a rag to wipe down my window frames.

Wipe the edges of your window frames and get all the spider webs and dust off them before you begin. I also wash some of the siding around the windows with this rag to remove all cobwebs. Keep the rag in the same side of the bucket, as the water will be much dirtier. If your windows are really dusty, you may want to wipe them down with the rag first, but the squeegee will generally do the trick by itself. I cover the entire window with the soap and water solution and then run the squeegee in vertical tracks down the window. It is important to wipe your squeegee blade after each run with a paper towel or dry rag, or you will have water lines on your windows.

I also find that wiping my steel or vinyl siding with the Dawn mixture helps to keep the spiders (and the mess they make) away. I simply wipe wherever they have made a mess, such as around the windows and inside corners. There is a special spray you can buy in the store for this, but this seems like a more natural method. This will not get rid of them completely, but it seems to have cut my problem by at least 75%.


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Window Cleaning Tips
Never clean windows in sunlight, they usually dry to fast and leave streaks.

Try vinegar on any spots that your standard cleaner can not handle.

Make your own home made window cleaner with a half cup ammonia to one gallon of water.

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