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Installing A Window

Framing In The Rough Opening: The rough opening of the window is the space in which your window will be placed and anchored and is slightly larger than the actual size of the window. Space is allowed for shims, casing, and insulation. Rough opening size is determined by the manufacturer of the window. Look for the size of the rough opening in your product info sheet.

The rough opening is composed of 2x6s (or 2x4s if your wall is made with 2x4s) constructed to the shape of the window. A header will complete the top of the rough opening. A header is composed of either two 2x4s or 2x6s on their side with wood spacers between them to compensate for the width of the wall. (Plywood with 2x4 spacers may also be used) The purpose of the header is to support the weight of the building so the window will not crack or bow.

It is very important to make sure the sill edge is level and to measure both diagonals. This will ensure a square rough opening.

Window Installation: From the outside of your house, carefully place the window in the rough opening space, making sure it is centered. Use shims to level the window in place. Do not place the window directly on the sill. Use shims to create an air space to allow for expansion and contraction. Use a level on the bottom and sides of the window to make sure it is level and plumb.

Tack one nail in a top corner and check again with a level. Make sure everything is plumb and tack sides, top, and bottom into place.

Recheck, and nail the flange of the window to the exterior of the house with 2 roofing nails. You may now frame the window with J channel and attach the siding. From the inside of the house, gently stuff insulation in the space between the window and the wall. Do not pack too tightly or the insulation will lose its R value.

Tools: Reciprocating saw, hammer, roofing nails 2, level, tape measure, wood shims.


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