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Installing Gutters

Tools: Ladders, level, chalk line, string, hammer, nails, tape measure, snips
Materials: Gutters, gutter brackets, downspout, drop outlets, gutter elbows, downspout straps, Phillips sheetmetal screws or nails, splash block

Installing gutters and downspouts is a fairly easy job even for a beginner. It will help to have 2 people working on this job simply to help hold the long chalk line and gutters.

1. First inspect your fascia to make sure it is in good repair. Measure about 1 down from the top of the fascia on one side of your roof and 1 to 2 down from the top on the other side to where you want your gutters to drain. Generally you want the slope to drop to for every 10 feet of gutter. This is to allow your gutters to drain efficiently. Snap a chalk line from both measurements and use this as your reference for hanging the gutter brackets. If your wall is longer than 35 feet, mark your high point at the middle and allow the gutters to slope down to each end.|

2. Attach your brackets every 30 along the sloped chalk line with screws or nails. We recommend screws, as nails tend to wiggle loose with time.

3. Connect your gutter pieces on the ground before installing them. Connect the far end of the gutter with the drop outlet first, and attach the end piece. This is done by simply snapping them together.

4. Measure the length of the run from the high point to the edge of where the gutter will end. Measure the same distance on the gutter piece from the end of the cap piece with the drop outlet to the far edge of the gutter. Cut the piece with snips and attach it to the brackets. They should just snap and lock into place. Continue adding gutter to the end of the run, and snap an end piece on the other side.

5. If your eaves extend your gutters away from the house, you will need to use an elbow to bring the downspout gutter down the side of your house. Attach the elbow to your drop outlet and one to your downspout. Have someone hold the downspout against the wall, then measure the distance between the two elbows. Cut a piece of downspout to fit, and attach it by fitting the piece over the elbow coming from the drop outlet, and inside the elbow coming from the downspout.

6. Secure the downspout to your home with straps screwed in place and spaced 6 to 8 apart. Attach an elbow to the bottom of your downspout to direct water away from your foundation. A splash block will prevent erosion.


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Gutter Materials:
Vinyl & Plastic
Galvanized Steel
Stainless Steel
Wood (Rare)


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