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Building A Deck - Page 3
Floor Joists: Attach joist hangers to the ledger board where you have previously marked 16 on center. Put each joist hanger up separately in case the joist boards are different widths. Put the joist board in the hanger, making sure it is level, with the other end of the joist resting on the beam. Screw joists and hangers into ledger board. At the beam end, screw joists into beam where 16 centers are marked. When completed, screw end face board onto deck joists. Remember your two outer joists will be cut longer because they will fit in along side of the ledger board instead of butting up against it.

Decking: Deck board can be precut to size or put up roughly with one side flush and cut to size after installation by running a chalk line and trimming end pieces. Your first piece of decking should start at the building and work your way out, leaving a predetermined space between boards. You can use any equal piece of lumber for space shims, to , whichever you prefer. Every five boards, it is a good idea to measure from the building to the last board on either side of the board to make sure you are still equally spaced from the building. Slight adjustments can be made to fix any irregularity.

Railing: Railing height should be dictated by your local codes, usually 3 ft. Generally, 4x4 posts are installed every six to eight feet apart with spindles 3 to 4 apart according to you code.
Install the posts by screwing metal post brackets to the floor and posts. Use a 2x4 as a crosspiece or railing to the top of the posts or a few inches down, if you have a custom post with a decorative top.
We suggest screwing 2x2s to the crosspiece or railing on top and to the floor of the deck on bottom for a stronger railing. You may also use a crosspiece a few inches from the floor of the railing and nail your 2x2s to that if you prefer. Put a decorative piece of wood (a 5 quarter treated railing top) as a trim piece on top of the railing to cover the 2x2s between beams.

Do not stain your deck right away. The wood needs to dry out before it accepts stain. Wait several weeks and check a small spot of decking to see if the stain is absorbed. See our deck tips for more info.
Tool List
Step ladders
Circular saw
Tape measure
Power drill
4 foot level or laser level
Power drill
Chalk line
Combination square
Framing Square
Safety Goggles

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