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Replace A Ceiling Light Fixture

Safety First: Many old ceiling fixtures were never grounded properly. You can correct this by installing a new mounting strap (a metal support bracket sold in hardware stores/ this strap should also be provided with your new fixture) and securing the ground wire to the green screw on the bracket. You can also attach the ground wire on the light to one of the mounting screws of the old strap.

Tools: Screwdriver and screws, voltage meter (a pen like took used to check for electrical power), metal mounting strap(this should come with your new fixture), plastic electrical wire connectors or caps

Removing the Old Fixture: Shut off the power to the fixture’s circuit at your main power box. Remove the screws that hold the fixture to the ceiling. Use a voltage detector to make sure the power is off. If the light on the detector goes on, you have not shut off the correct circuit. Disconnect the fixture wires carefully and remove the old fixture and mounting strap. You should get a new mounting strap with your new fixture.

Attach the new metal mounting strap across the outlet box with the screws provided. Connect your green ground wire to the green grounding screw on the strap. Have someone hold the new light fixture for you while you connect the wires. Connect the new fixture to the wires by wrapping the ends of the wires clockwise beneath the terminal screws. Connect the white wire to the silver colored screw (or terminal) and the black wire to the brass colored screw. If your new fixture has wires extending from it, you may connect them to the correct colored wires by joining them to the leads of the new fixtures with wire connectors (or wirenuts). Screw the connectors tightly and make sure you are connecting black to black and white to white.

Fold the wires into the outlet box, making sure the grounding wire does not touch the other wires. Fasten the new fixture to the mounting strap with screws. Install the light bulb and turn on the power. Test the light with the voltage indicator.


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