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While electrical work is best left to the professionals, you can do minor work if you are careful. You need to read up on basic electrical safety before you tackle any project, and if you are at all uncomfortable with working with electricity, call an electrician. You can change lighting or outlets yourself by following careful instructions.

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Electrical Basics
Safety First: Before starting any electrical project, turn off the main power source to your home by either tripping (shutting to the off position) the circuit breaker or removing the fuse at the main service panel.
Replace An Old Outlet
Your new outlet will have different colored screws (or terminals) on each side. The black or hot wire should only be connected to the dark or brass terminal on the same side as the smaller slot on the outlet.
Electrical Glossary
If you are just starting to learn about how to wire your home, there are a few definitions of electrical terms you will need to know. Below are just a few of the basic terms you may find. For more information, check out our article on Electric Basics.
Install A Dimmer Switch
Remove the screws that attach the switch to the outlet box. Pull out the switch a little, but remember the switch is not completely free because it is still attached to the wires.

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Electrical Safty Tips
Always disconnect the power source on your circut board before you begin work.

Double check for power or use a voltage detector to be sure the line does not have power.

Watch for any lose wired or covers that could cause a fire.

Watch for wear and tear on all electrical cords or wiring. Replace any frayed or cracked cords as soon as possible.

Never overload one outlet with too many cords.

Use the correct size and current rating of circut breakers .

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