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Electrical Glossary E - N

Feed Wire: A conductor that carries 120-volt current uninterrupted from the service panel. This is the wire that runs through your home to all the outlets and receptacles.

Fuse: A safety device, usually found in older homes, that interrupts electrical circuits during an overload or short circuit. A fuse is an older version of today’s circuit breaker.

Grounded Wire: A grounded wire is another name for the neutral wire.

Grounding Wire: This wire is used in an electric circuit to conduct current to the earth in the event of a short circuit. This protects your home in the event of an overload. The grounding wire is often a bare copper wire.

GFI: Ground Fault Interrupter. This is a special receptacle that provides shock protection for the entire circuit. GFI outlets are used in bathrooms, kitchens, and outside receptacles; or anywhere you may come in contact with water.

Hot Wire: Any wire that carries voltage. In an electrical circuit, the hot wire is usually covered in black or red insulation. When you are installing any receptacle, it will have a hot wire to provide the electricity, a neutral wire that returns the current to the source of the power with no voltage, and a ground wire.

Insulator: Any material such as plastic or rubber; that resists the flow of electrical current. The job of the insulator is to protect the wire.

Junction Box: The box used to contain wiring connections.

Meter: A device used to measure the amount of electric power being used.

Neutral Wire: A wire that returns the current at zero voltage to the source of electrical power. This wire is usually covered in white or light gray rubber or vinyl and is a part of every receptacle. The neutral wire is also called the grounded wire.


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