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Washing Machine Repair Tips

Problem: Things keep dropping back in the space behind the washer and dryer.
Solution: Install a small shelf right above the space. This also will be a great spot to keep your detergent, dryer sheets, fabric softener, etc.

Problem: My clothes keep coming out of the washer and dryer with snags on them.
Solution: Smooth over any rough spots in the machines with sand paper or epoxy.

Problem: My clothes are coming out with rust stains on them because the inside of my washer is chipping.
Solution: Cover chipped areas with clear nail polish or sealant. Leaving the lid open after washing can help prevent rust.

Problem: My pipes keep making a loud banging sound.
Solution: Install a water hammer shock absorber wear the hot and cold water hoses connect.

Problem: My washer will stop mid cycle.
Solution: Check the timer motor and then the timer. The motor costs less to replace and is often the cause of problems.

Problem: My washer keeps vibrating during the spin cycle.
Solution: Check to see if your washer is level. Try not to do many heavy items at the same time; an overloaded washer can be off balance. Try stopping and rearranging items when this happens.

Problem: My washer keeps rattling.
Solution: Place flame retardant carpeting underneath.

Problem: My water temperature isnít right.
Solution: Check to make sure faucets are fully open. Then check water inlet valve screens or hoses for clogs.

  • Always unplug and turn off water to appliance before attempting repairs.
  • Locate washer close to hot water source.
  • Leave space behind washer for hookups.
  • Wear rubber gloves when moving appliances to keep your hands from slipping.
  • Presoak clothes rather than washing them twice.
  • Make sure drainpipe is approx. 34Ē off the floor.
  • Inspect hoses about every 6 months to see if any need to be replaced.
  • To prevent detergent buildup, run a cup of vinegar through an empty machine followed by a cup of baking soda.
  • Once a year unplug and vacuum motor.
  • Leveling your washer is very important. It can be done by using a level and adjusting the front legs on your washer.


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