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How To Install A Washing Machine

Tools: Pliers, scissors, utility knife, level, crescent wrench
Parts that should be supplied with the washer: 2 inlet water hoses, 1 drain hose, rubber hose washers, nose clamps.

Connect the inlet hoses (hot and cold water lines) to the back of the washing machine on one end and to the water supply lines on the wall to the other end. Hot and cold will be marked on your machine. On your water supply lines, hot is usually on the left and cold on the right when it is installed. We suggest your plumber install shutoff valves on your water supply lines. These valves can be shut off when you leave your home for any length of time. This will prevent any water damage due to a leak or break in the water main.

Next connect the drain hose to the bottom of the washing machine with the hose clamp provided. Connect the other end of the drain hose to a laundry tub drain system or stand pipe.

Plug in your machine and set the washer into its permanent position. Level your machine by placing a level on top of the machine; first front to back, then side to side. Adjustable legs will be on the bottom of the machine. Before startup, make sure your drain hose is very secure.


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