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Vacuum Repair Tips

Problem: My vacuum is losing suction.
Solution: Try changing your bag if it is full, or check for a clogged hose or filter.

Problem: How do I replace the drive belt?
Solution: Unplug the vacuum and remove the bottom plate. Pull the brush out. Slip in a new belt on the brush. Use a screwdriver to pull belt over the pin. Reinstall plate and plug back in.

Problem: I have sparks coming out of my vacuum when I turn on the switch.
Solution: Inspect your switch, cleaning and tightening around it. This is definitely a fire and safety hazard. Call your repairman.

Problem: The extension pieces get stuck together.
Solution: Rub wax paper over areas that stick or spray them with nonstick cooking spray.

Problem: My vacuum wonít turn on.
Solution: First, make sure you bag isnít full. Second, try a different outlet.

Problem: I have a broken vacuum hose.
Solution: To repair a broken vacuum hose repeat the following steps:
1) Try blowing out anything that may be clogging the hose. If the clog is close to the end, try pushing it out with a garden hose.
2) If you have a leak, wrap it with duct or electrical tape.
3) Lift off or slide away collar and scrape glue from the fitting. Apply rubber cement to outside of hose and thread or push on new hose under the collar.

Problem: I vacuum three times a week, but my floor always seems dirty.
Solution: Try vacuuming more slowly. Vacuuming slowly has been proven more efficient than moving vacuum at a fast pace.


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