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Whirlpool Range Reviews

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Whirlpool Gold Self Cleaning Range  - 
I have had this range for over 5 years and love the smooth cooktop for ease of cleaning. The surface heats up instantly, but does not hold it’s heat for more than a few minutes when it is turned off. You do have to keep the surface cleaned or it will build up a charred area that will be more difficult to clean. This can be easily remedied by wiping it up after each use. My stove has a “simmer” burner that is great for soups and spaghetti sauce.
The Accubake oven is great for cookies and breads, and of course, I love the self cleaner.
One thing I am disappointed with is the Custom Broil setting. It just doesn’t seem to brown steaks like my old broiler did, even when we put the steaks close to the heating element.

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