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Maytag Refrigerator Reviews

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Maytag Refrigerator  - 
Model: MTB2656AEA
Just a warning we have Maytag Neptune washer/dryer and Refrigerator. Have had problems with washer that Maytag didn't want to hear about. Needed to replace circuit board. Now the compressor is wearing on refigerator. Maytag website can't find model number in it's database. Dealer and repair man won't even consider repair or replacement of compressor. Only advise to buy new. Told $800 or more to replace/repair compressor. I believe we had a 10 year warranty on refigerator but dealer told me he couldn't even find my purchase invoice on delivery slip. I have the purchase invoice but am lacking proof of warranty. Have found nothing but problems when dealing with Maytag. Won't purchase Maytag product ever again.
Maytag Refrigerator  - 
Look its true these new appliances do break down but alot of the problem is due to power surges from the power company f.y.i.try installing a power surge protector 1150 jule rating you might have less problems this i know.
Maytag Refrigerator JUNK  - 
Model: MSD2356AEW
I purchased this refrigerator in November 99. It was repaired three time for (defrost module, ice making system, dispenser). The Maytag repairman was always at my house. Now the compressor is dead and this fridge is only eight years old. I would never buy a Maytag product again.
Why Me?  - 
LRTC 19A Fridge
I was fortunate enough to have my Maytag fridge quite working on a Friday night about 10:00. We discovered it Sat. Morning. Anybody know why you have to listen to ten minutes of blah, blah on the Maytag toll free service number before they tell you they are closed then proceed to abruptly hang up on you? Hey Maytag. Bold Idea....Just start with your hours. Oh, and by the way..... I am just going to buy another brand after reading some of the stellar reviews of your service & products which I have read on this web page.... Thanks for the heads up my partners of Maytag Troubles......
Maytag Warranty Service  - 
Model: MFI256AES
I purchased this Maytag fridge from Home Depot 13 months ago. A week ago, the front panel started flashing and the ice dispenser door started flapping open and shut. Called Maytag and they said it was a known issue with a known solution, that there was a recall and they would cover it. They scheduled A&E Service (Sears, owned by Maytag I'm told), to come out and service. 10 days would be the earliest appt. I took the appt then a few days before they were to arrive, I called to confirm. I found out that they were going to charge me so I battled Maytag service to fix that. Then they said that they would not come with parts and that the first visit was just to diagnose. I explained that this was a known issue with a known solution with very unique symptoms so why couldn't they send parts? They had no answer and when politely pressed, they got nasty and finally hung up on me. So, I'm going to have to wait 10 days to have a tech come out and tell us what we already know is the problem so that then he can order the parts that I'm told will take another 10 days and then when the parts arrive at my house they will schedule a repair call that could take up to 10 days from when the parts arrive. That's 30 days without a working fridge for a problem that they know how to fix. Basically, what I am saying is that Maytag/Kenmore/Whirlpool/Amana warranties are not worth anything. You may as well factor into your purchase decision the fact that with these brands, you'll need to pay for repairs even if they are supposed to be covered by Warranty. I WILL NEVER purchase these brands again.
Maytag Refrigerator, Dish Washer, Wall Over   - 
I purchased four brand new maytag appliances. They were all installed 1-1/2 years ago in my brand new kitchen. Since then, the fan in the convection oven stopped working. It took the repairman two visits and 1-1/2 months to get it right. My dishwasher has been broken for one month. I am still waiting on that maytag repairman. Today my refrigerator stopped working. You know that maytag repairman you see on tv just twiddling his thumbs?!?~~it's because he doesn't bother showing up!!! I will never purchase another maytag appliance in my lifetime.
Maytag Products JUNK  - 
A few years ago I purchased a maytag refrigerator and "Neptune" stack washer & dryer. We had "Priority One" service on them also. Months after purchase, problems started. The refrig. would either give you ice cubes or crushed but not both. That never got fixed. Then, the freezer ices over about 2 times a year, stills does to date. I have to throw away food, empty the freezer, thaw the ice, dry it down & start again. The "Neptune" is no less a piece of JUNK! The washer seal had to be replaced, the circuit board replaced and just eratic problems. The "lonely maytag repairman" doesn't exist any longer. I'm sure he's the busy stinkin' repairman in town. The days of Maytag's reputation is only alive in a history lesson! I realize all models may break down, so don't buy maytag, spend less money and keep the same if not Better odds on repairs! I've e-mailed maytag, but they care-less. Another reason to AVOID MAYTAG!BEWARE!
What happened to dependability?  - 
Model: MFF2557HEW
We had an Amana side-by-side fridge/freezer that was still working after 22 years, but had past its prime in the looks and seal department. we purchased a new french door fridge/freezer. 2 years later the fridge stopped working. Sure enough, our appliance repairman told us that they had changed to a different motor, and it was very unreliable. Apparently this was a problem our repairman diagnosed over the phone-before he ever came out and tore it apart. It went out on a Friday, and on Wednesday he was still waiting for the part.
I'll never buy another Maytag. Ever.
Maytag Side by Side Refrigerator with Icemaker  - 
I bought it because it was the only side by side that was big enough to hold large items in both the refrigerator and freezer section. So many of the side by sides just were too tiny. This freezer has a compartment in one of the baskets to hold a frozen pizza, which I did not find in other models.
I also liked the versatility of the shelving. It has spill retainer shelves with a recessed edge to contain spills. It also has an “elevator shelf” which can be easily raised or lowered with a crank handle. I cannot tell you how many times I have used this feature to accommodate a large item. It also has pull out shelves that make accessibility very easy.
We did have a little trouble with our milk not being cold enough, even at the highest setting. We asked a repairman and he told us about a plug on the inside left of the fridge meat and cheese tray. It is a little rubber stopper that accesses the freezer. He told us to remove the whole plug, but we found that made our lettuce freeze. We tried cutting the plug in half and that seemed to work perfectly. Our milk is cold and our lettuce does not freeze.
One thing I don’t like about this appliance is ease of cleaning. While I can remove most of the shelving to clean them, the elevator shelf is difficult to remove and I find myself leaving it in place and trying to clean around it.
I love the ice maker! It gives us both crushed and cubed ice and we use it daily.
The refrigerator door has wide, adjustable shelving that is easy to clean and can hold a lot.
Maytag French Door Refrigerator, Buyer Beware  - 
Model: MFF2557HEB
I purchased this refrigerator after much research and based on the so called Maytag dependability. However, one year after having the refrigerator it broke down. After 4 days of living out of coolers a repairman finally came and stated the fan motor and failed. Apparently, Maytag decided to go with a different fan motor than what they have used in years gone by. The new motor is cheaper and very low quality. Maytag would cover none of the repairs or labor or loss of food because it is their policy not to cover extended loss. The warranty is only good for a year so if you purchase a Maytag appliance be sure to purchase an extended warranty. I emailed Maytag repeatedly but they would do nothing except quote their policies. It is very sad that after 1 year an appliance would breakdown and the company take no responsibility for it. So much for Maytag dependability!
Maytag Refrigerator  - 
I purhcased this Regrigerator from Sears and have had nothing but problems with the poor quality of the Evaporator Fan. They last about 9 to 12 months, and run about $70 to repair if you do it yourself. MayTag doesn't stand behind the product after the year warrant and does not warrant their replacement parts. $1000 for a Refrigerator and countless hours of repairs...$500 in Evaporator Fans and it is out again. We purhcased three refrigerators and a Washer and Dryer for our two homes...All have needed repair and only the Washer was fixed long term after the first time...JUNK !!!!
Maytag Compressor Warranty  - 
Model: 38822
Buyer beware ! Look before you leap ! If you will notice a Maytag refrigerator compressor warranty is no longer (5) years but (1) year. Does this tell you something ? We almost purchased Maytag's top model but have decided not to purchase any Maytag because of the decision to shorten the warranty. It's very Nice looking & plenty of great features but be prepared to shell out $279.00 to $399.00 for a 3-5 year extended warranty.
Maytag Warranty  - 
Model: ----
Just so everyone is clear on the manufacturers warranty. All American manufacturers dropped the five year limited warranty and only have one year product warranty. Any consolation I work retail , and all products seem to fail more often than their predecessors do. I have Maytag, Whirlpool and Frigidaire and have all worked on several times just outside the one year manufacturers warranty. Luckily my service plan covered all costs associated with the product failures.

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