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Jenn-Air Refrigerator Reviews

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Refrigerator died, 2 months and still waiting for repairs  - 
The compressor went out on my Jenn-Air refrigerator on 12/07. The compressor was under warranty. Jenn-Air sent a repair person to make a diagnosis. I was charged $45 to be told what I already knew and then be told they don't do in home repairs of compressors. Had to have another repair person out from another Jenn-Air repair center (second company won't accept diagnosis of first company, even though both are Jenn-Air auth. repair centers). Second company confirmed the diagnosis and ordered parts. I waited for parts to arrive..... and waited. Now I'm being told the parts are on back order until 02/28/08. WHAT!

So I am meant to be without a fridge for 9 weeks. I called to complain and Jenn-Air hung up on me. Even if you have a warranty - it means nothing.

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