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Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

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Dyson Vacuum Cleaner  - 
I bought this Dyson vacuum after hearing rave reviews from all my friends who had one. I have to admit I love it too. This vac picks up dog hair like you wouldn’t believe. I can fill the canister every other day.

Positives:I love the hand wand that enables me to easily clean my stairway with a one click release and a 14 foot hose. The dirt bin is easy to empty. You just click a button and it empties from the bottom into your garbage. I wasn’t sure I would like a vacuum without a disposable bag, but this canister makes it simple. It also has a bare floor option that works great on my hardwood floors without scratching them. I never sweep or dust mop them anymore.

Negatives: I do not like the fact that I paid $459 for a vacuum with all plastic parts. I am a little skeptical of the long term life of some of the plastic release buttons. Some of the tools that are fastened to the body of the vacuum tend to fall off while you are using it. The turbine head has outstanding suction, but it is a little clumsy to use.

The box said this vacuum had a five year warranty, but there was no warrantee card inside.

Despite the little downsides, I would tell anyone to buy this vacuum.

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