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Bissell Carpet Cleaner Reviews

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Bissell ProHeat SmartClean Steam Carpet Cleaner  - 
Model 1699 or 8900 Series
I like the “tank in tank” water bucket, but I would not recommend buying this product because I have talked to 3 people who had the same problem I did with it after only a few uses. It would not release the soapy water into the carpet. We called the hotline and they told us it could need to be re-primed. You do this by holding the water release button down for one minute. This did not help. We took the whole unit apart and finally found the heating unit was plugged. We ran an air compressor hose into the unit and unplugged it, but then it leaked and we would have had to buy a new unit for $37.00. The hotline told us to call our local service center.
The service center man was very helpful in telling us we could disconnect the heater and use the cleaner with hot tap water. The problem apparently lies in the heater plugging with soap. It appears this is a common problem and I wonder why nothing has been done to correct it. I paid over $200 for this machine. It comes with a 1 year warrantee, but that only covers you for one or two uses. How many people shampoo their carpets more than once or twice a year? I would estimate I used my unit 3 times when this happened. I would be better off renting, but I really liked the convenience of having my own machine.

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