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Replace A Oven Heating Element - Test A Heating Element

Your heating element will occasionally burn out and this is one item you can easily replace yourself.

Safety First: Remember when working with any electrical appliance, you must TURN OFF THE POWER at your electric panel before you begin.

Tools: Screwdriver, masking tape and pen, voltmeter, or digital multimeter, replacement element.

Determine if your element is working by using a VOM (voltmeter) or DMM (digital multimeter). Before you begin, shut the power to your oven off at your electric panel. Your electric panel should be labeled clearly telling you which circuit to shut off. Pull out your oven racks so you can get to the element easier. Remove the screws in the back of your oven that are holding the heating element in place. Pull out the element and label the wires (Rt and Lt) on both the element and the oven. Unscrew the wires from the terminals. If you are removing a broiler element, the support brackets will also have to be removed.

Test the element by setting the VOM or DMM to its lowest range. (RX1 on some models) Touch the probes on the tester to the terminals on the element. Your reading should be between 15 and 30 ohms. No reading indicates your element needs to be changed.

You can determine the element you need by using the booklet provided when you bought your stove or by calling your dealer with your model number. Your dealer may have elements on hand or you may have to order one. Keep your old element until you have your new one on hand to make sure it is exactly alike. Attach the wiring exactly like the old element was attached and reattach the brackets. Turn on the power in the electric panel and try out the oven. If it still doesn’t work, call your local repairman.


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