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Refrigerator & Freezer Repair Tips

Are you having problems with your refrigerator or freezer? Below are some common problems and solutions.

Problem: I moved my refrigerator and now it wonít run.
Solution: Remove back panel and check each wire looking for a loose one. Reattach wire and your fridge should work.

Problem: My food in my garage refrigerator keeps spoiling.
Solution: Only place extra freezers and refrigerators in a heated room. It needs to be at least 60 degrees for the refrigerator/freezer to keep the compressor running. Do not store any cooling appliance in an unheated or garage.

Problem: I have a crack in the gasket of my refrigerator door.
Solution: Try applying silicone caulk to the inside of the gasket.

Problem: I keep finding my refrigerator door slightly open.
Solution: Put a piece of Ĺ inch plywood under the front legs.

Problem: My refrigerator isnít keeping my food cold enough.
Solution: Put thermometer in center of fridge and leave overnight. If it is not between 34 and 40 degrees, try adjusting your refrigerator thermostat. Check for clogged coils underneath the appliance or in back of appliance. You may just have to vacuum the coils to remove dust. Also, check to see if the fan is obstructed or not working.

Problem: How do I check my freezer temperature?
Solution: Check the temperature of the food inside. It should be around 0 degrees.

Problem: Ice cubes keep sticking to the tray of my automatic ice maker.
Solution: Take out the tray, wash and dry it. Before placing it back spray it with some nonstick cooking spray and wipe. Wiping it with vinegar is also an option.

Problem: The tubes on the back of my fridge keep frosting up and melting leaving big puddles.
Solution: Cover the tube with insulation.

Problem: I know my door gasket is leaky and wasting energy. How do I fix that?
Solution: Order a gasket for your model of freezer/refrigerator. Remove old gasket by rolling back and loosening the screws. Position new gasket over door and lightly tighten screws.

Problem: My refrigerator/freezer is beginning to chip.
Solution: Use an epoxy repair kit.

-Put a night light in the same outlet your refrigerator is plugged into so you will notice right away if you lose power.
-Make sure you place your refrigerator in a spot where the door will have room to open.
-After moving your refrigerator, let is stand upright for 24 hours before turning it on.

-Most efficient models are 15-20 cubic feet with the freezer on top of the fridge.
-Keep a box of baking soda in your fridge to keep if smelling fresh.


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