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How To Install A Dryer

Tools: Hose clamps, dryer flexible exhaust hose, screwdriver, crescent wrench, level.

Before you begin, check to see that your dryer has a power cord, as it doesn’t come standard every dryer. You can ask your appliance store to install the cord or have a licensed electrician connect the cord.

Move the dryer in place close to the permanent location. Attach the flexible dryer exhaust hose to the dryer exhaust outlet with hose clamp. Next attach the exhaust hose to the outside wall vent and tighten the clamp.

Move the dryer into the final position and level. Check how level the dryer is by placing a level on top of the dryer; first side to side, then front to back. If the dryer is not level, adjust the dryer legs up or down.


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