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Dryer Repair Tips

Problem: The light bulb in my dryer keeps burning out.
Solution: You need to use an appliance light bulb and not a regular bulb. They are made specially to withstand the heat from the dryer.

Problem: I am only receiving cold air in my dryer.
Solution: Check the circuit breaker and fuses that control the dryerís power. If that doesnít solve the problem, your heating element is probably burned out.

Problem: My dryer duct is clogged with lint, but I canít reach it.
Solution: You can buy plastic strips used for unclogging a drain and try retrieving the lint by pushing the strips down the lint trap and removing them. You may also have to remove the air tube attached to the dryer and manually clean it. You should be able to reach up into the dryer to remove lint, but be sure to unplug the dryer first. If that doesnít work, try blowing it out with a leaf blower.

Problem: How do I replace my dryer drive belt? It was making a thumping noise so I know it was worn, and now it has stopped turning the drum completely.
1) Buy replacement part from parts store.
2) Unplug dryer and shutoff gas.
3) Remove line screen and unscrew the piece that surrounded the screen.
4) Pull up dryer top using a putty knife if necessary.
5) Use proper screwdriver to remove fasteners.
6) Take out any clips or screws.
7) Remove old belt.
8) Glide new belt on with ribbed side against the drum.
9) Slide belt under pulley and around motor.

Problem: How do I put a vent in?
1) Find the shortest route from the dryer to an outside wall.
2) Hammer a small hold through the wall. Cut a 4 ľ in. hold in the siding with a jigsaw.
3) Caulk under flange and screw to siding.
4) Cut vent pipe 2-3 in. from inside wall and seal with duct tape.
5) Attach duct to dryer and wall with clamps.

  • Use only nonflammable duct running to your dryer.
  • Use a screen with your vent to prevent wildlife from nesting or getting into the house.
  • Dry laundry in consecutive loads.
  • Be sure your vent has an outlet flap.
  • Donít vent a dryer indoors to prevent moisture problems.
  • Give your dryer room so it wonít overheat.


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